We truly appreciate the support we’ve gotten on this journey so far. We’ve been on this grind for about a year now, so we think to update you on how it’s going.

Because we don't want to print our design on just any shirt, we went in big and placed a substantial order at a quality manufacturer for our first collection. This way we were able to provide you with the quality and style of items we envisioned.

We’re still super happy with this decision, but it does mean prefer to sell more inventory before we start producing a second drop. Rotating items out of a collection just because they've been out a while is unecological and unnecessary. 

We don't have to conform to traditional fashion seasons or retail sales, we're building our own platform after all. That's why we're slashing our prices for the remaining stock of our first collection.

Shirts will be priced €35 and Sweaters €65. That's roughly a 30% price drop, to get things going. The first sizes have already sold out, so better grab your discounted items quickly!


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