Alpha Papa collabs: Lockfilm

Alpha Papa collabs: Lockfilm

You might've already seen some of their work on our Insta, but it's time to give credit where credit is due. So we proudly present our collabo with the guys behind Lockfilm

They started out as three passionate friends who want to create content with a compelling story that changes the perception of other human beings. They tell stories with a sense of what it’s like to be human, our nature, thoughts, feelings, hopes, and desires. They want to give their audiences the opportunity to look beyond their own world. Looking at a bigger picture of what it means to be alive. They believe in friendship, humans and the next generation of creatives.

While still in film school, they founded the audio-visual student production house for film, television and online content that Lockfilm is. They list their friendship as the biggest contributor to their success so far, as they've found ways in which they complement each other. 

 Make sure to check out their YouTube channel or Instagram page and shoot them a message if you need some kick-ass video content!

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